This is a closed group, but there are no requirements to join. All you need to do is click the “join group” button.

Even if you don’t have questions, it is a good place to easily gather knowledge about piercings from those who know the most.

Copied from the front page of the group:

Updated rules and useful information for the group, please read!
For the non professionals in here: 
1. Check out the “Files” tab up top for great information including our ear stretching guide and reputable jewelry companies to support. 
2. This group is for professional advice, people are not asking questions to piercing enthusiasts, these comments will be deleted from here on out.
3. All advice given in here will be from professional body piercers, but our advice should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, please go see your doctor if you need medical attention. 
4. When asking a question, please try to provide us with as much information as possible, including how long you’ve had the piercing, when the problem started, jewelry type, jewelry material, thread type if applicable(internal, external, or threadless), current aftercare routine, and a clear photo if at all possible.
5. Do NOT delete threads in this group for any reason. You are not the only one that could be benefiting from the answers that have been given from you.

For the professionals in here: 
1. I would first like to thank all of you for offering your time and services, but simply being a professional piercer does not automatically give you the authority to post in here. You must get approval from one of the admins before being allowed to comment in here, otherwise your comments will be deleted. 
2. This is a piercing only forum, please do not jump to any type of answer involving tools that most piercers can not legally use. 
3. All answers to questions involving modifications that we do not cover in here should be kept to private messages.
Thank you all very much for participating in this group, we feel these rules will help keep everything running as smoothly as possible!
Number 4 is bolded because it’s a thing we get on awful mods a lot. “my ___ is swollen. why?” Nobody has any idea if you don’t provide enough info. There are at least 10 reasons whatever it is could be having problems. I know it’s hard with asks to provide all the info because of the character limit, but there is none on FB, so there is no reason to not provide info.

This is also one of the best places to find a good piercer in your area. There are a lot of piercers on this forum, so when you ask if there’s someone in your area you’re much more likely to get an answer.

If you’re not an approved piercer, please remember not to answer questions in this forum. Enthusiasts giving questionable advice is a persistent problem.

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